Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heirloom Tomato's

I talk a lot about Heirlooms to everyone I know. I simply love them. Especially Heirloom Tomato's. They all have such a unique history behind them. Each one has a story to tell. We started our venture with Heirlooms for several different reasons. One being that all Heirloom's are open pollinated. Basically that means we can save seed from them. The plants (if you really research Heirlooms for your area) will actually become very acclimated to your very garden. Another reason we began growing Heirlooms is because the flavor is totally unmatched. Heirlooms are non-hybrids. Have you ever wondered why the fruit and vegetables you buy at market have no flavor? It's because scientists have altered the plants chemistries trying to improve growing conditions mainly for commercial growers for more resistance to disease and insects. We all do know that most all commercial growers use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. What has happened is that all the flavor has been bred out of the products.

I think my favorite variety of all time is the Purple Calabash Tomato. It is the juiciest and sweetest tomato in my garden. It's so fun to watch them grow into their interesting shapes and the color is beautiful. I love purple!! I first started Purple Calabash because of its unique history. It happens to be a seed that was brought to the south by the slaves from Africa. It was the tomato they grew on the plantation. It is so special to me to be growing the very same seed that they were growing in the 1800's. When I get in my own little garden world, I like to reflect on the peoples of that time and think of them in their gardens growing and cooking with this beautiful tomato. What a strong people for all the hardships they endured. What wonderful dishes the African's of that time introduced to the American food culture. I hope to share some recipes with you and talk more about other vegetables the African people brought to America. For something so precious why would you ever want to harm it with pesticides?
And at the end of the day this is what you get after all your hard work is done!!


  1. What a beautifully written post Pammy! Got to look for some Purple Calabash Tomato seeds! Where do you get yours?

  2. Hi Tony, Thank You. Yes the Purple Calabash are so fun and delicious. I'm pretty sure I started my seeds from Baker Creek. Last year I also ordered heirlooms from Tomato Fest from here in Texas with lots of luck. They specialize in just tomatoes. The link is .