Monday, August 26, 2013

Growing Sunflowers Can Help Save Bees

Bees of all sorts are very attracted to the bright yellow sunflowers. The big center of the flower actually contains hundreds of little flowers during its development.

The sunflower is absolutely loaded with pollen. Since all bees, not just the honeybee are becoming more and more endangered, it is up to us gardeners to ensure their existence. The sunflower can help get the job done in a big way.

Giant sunflowers and Mammoth sunflowers can be grown just about anywhere you might have the space. But all of the different types of sunflowers benefit the bees. Take that real sunny wall on the side of your home and plant them all along it, nice and thick. 

You'll not just be providing pollen for the bees, but creating a natural insulation to that part of the house from the hot sun.

The sunflower is one thing that everyone can grow. With so many lovely dwarf varieties available, why even an apartment dweller could grow them on a small sidewalk or patio. Many varieties would be perfectly happy in a large pot!

It is really up to us as individuals to help the bees. Why even most commercial growers of the sunflower are weakening or killing bees by using chemicals to grow them in their fields. 

We have an opportunity to help save the bees by growing one of the hardiest and easiest flowers. They are a tough flower that offers so much to the environment. All it takes is a seed and some soil. A little water goes a long ways for the sunflowers.

When they've gone to seed you have food for you and the birds too!

What a smile the sunflowers put on peoples faces. They just make you feel good looking at them! Wouldn't it be fun to see everyone join together in growing them?

Happy Gardening!

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