Monday, September 5, 2016

Embracing the Flavors of Basil

This year has been an exceedingly good year for basil at our homestead. The top choices for basil round off into four distinctive flavors. Each to be savored and enjoyed throughout the year.

Sweet Basil

The most commonly known basil of all is simply Sweet Basil. We enjoy its sweet flavor fresh from the garden in an array of dishes. Paired with garden fresh heirloom tomatoes during the summers harvest leaves you longing for each and every season. My favorite for adding to sauces, as pesto and homemade tomato soup.

Sweet Thai Basil

This basil brings a whole new aspect of cooking to enjoy the kitchen. It's sweet and spicy anise flavor is a favorite in all of my Asian dishes. Whether I'm preparing a stir fry with savory garden vegetables or my favorite egg rolls and crab puffs, there is none other to match the Thai. 

Cinnamon Basil

This basil goes a long way in my Texas kitchen. It is an inspiration to all of my Mexican dishes and breads. Bring me the tamales and enchiladas! Once you have tried the spicy flavor of Cinnamon basil added to your salsa making during pepper harvesting you will know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Magical Michael Basil

A new basil added to my garden this spring and I'm thrilled with it. It is the candy store of all basil! I've not even began to reach it's potential and endless possibilities for the kitchen harvest. In fact, I'm so in love with its sweetness and beauty that it now embraces my beloved Basil Blackberry Jellies. Candy and Perfume is the best way to describe Magical Michael.

Enjoy and Happy Gardening!



  1. Hello from Oklahoma... Try lime basil and Mrs. Burns' Lemon. I like to put lime basil in my picante sauce.

    1. Thanks Ilene! Sounds wonderful xo