Monday, September 3, 2012

Love And Respect For The Land: Moo Poo Tea In The Garden

Moo Poo Tea Bags

How can gardening get any sweeter than Moo Poo Tea Bags! Are these not just the cutest things you've ever seen? As soon as I opened my package, I just couldn't wait to get a photo of them nestled in a basket filled with wheat straw from our garden. Oh yes! These will certainly make a divine addition to a gift basket for my garden loving friends. Can you see a garden theme too? Some seeds saved from your garden, a smallish watering can, perhaps much needed new gloves and some vintage or homemade garden stakes.

What's even more exciting than all of that is the story behind them and how easy it is to get some down to earth natural brew your plants will adore you for! I'm talking about Composted Manure that is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO/GE feed, herbicide and pesticide free. This stuff is not easy to come by these days!
Composted Manure is the ultimate fertilizer for the natural garden. Superior to chemical fertilizers in every way. I always think of chemical fertilizers like someone on drugs....its a fast chemical fix that gives your plants a quick chemical high and causes them to be dependent. Unlike natural composted manure which allows for a slow and steady release fertilizer without a sudden let down.

Annie Haven with her Father overlooking the Fields

My new garden friend Annie Haven now carries on her families Legacy. The Haven's Ranch in Southern California is still maintained by Annie as it were since the days of her Great Grandfather in 1924. She explains further when she recently comments on some of my questions to her. "My father was my inspiration. I acquired both his love and respect of the land (soil) and livestock."  

I asked her what memories she had of her father as a child that still stand out the most to her. She answered by saying, "Walking the fields with him and his pride in seeing the harvest and calving season always so special... 

One of the things that really stands out, back in the day when we would flood irrigate the fields (water always a valued resource) you would have to block water to divert it to other parts of the field, he could truly make water flow up hill, it always amazed me (a true art). 

After we were done we would drive up on the ridge and over look the field and it always look like a work of art. Water flowing even across the land..."

A lesson I think we should all be teaching our children indeed. The love and respect towards our communities, our land, ecosystems and raising healthy livestock naturally. All these things are what have won the west and made America great. 

We should all support such farms and ranches before they are all lost and forgotten. Perhaps by giving our support we don't have to lose them to Big Agriculture. Be sure to visit Annie's Website "Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew" You can order online directly from her website. She welcomes wholesalers as well. I hope to see some local business carrying Moo Poo Tea in my hometown.

Happy Gardening!


  1. It's so good to see families carrying on the legacy and important farming practices of the loved ones who went before them. I know Annie has to be proud of her Grandpa and also how she is putting her hard work into keeping his vision alive and going. I think this is a wonderful product for any gardener who wants to grow organically or even for those who are not. Thanks for sharing this product with us Pammy.

    1. I agree totally Cindy!! I was happy to share!! xxoo

    2. Thank you it truly means the world to me Annie

  2. Replies
    1. You have a good chance Linda! There is another gift set to win over at Natural Family Today!! Double your chances =D

  3. Woo hoo......what a beautiful thing this is....Annie must be very proud to carry this on and share with all of us. I jumped on the organic growing method a while back and it's the only way to garden in my mind.....healthy means more good things and using this "good for you" method cannot be beat. Thank you for sharing this with us Pam

    1. Hi Jackie! It really is some awesome stuff and so very cute! I hope you get to check out her website too!! xxoo