Monday, November 8, 2010

Texas Heirloom Salad w/Herb Infused French Wine Dressing

This is another reason that I love November in Texas. It's finely cool enough to grow all the salad goodies.

With a couple of cucumbers that did great through the two recent frosts, a Green Zebra Tomato and some heirloom greens, we have the start of a wonderful fresh salad. 

For the greens I have a heirloom variety of a Wild Garden Kale Mix and a Romaine Lettuce that is deep burgundy called Outstanding.

Kale is great steamed, but it is also has a mild sweet flavor that I love freshly chopped in the salad. 

I plan on adding a few fresh herbs in here, a little Italian Parsley, Lemon Thyme and perhaps a some young shoots from the Hopi Red Dye Amaranth. 

I'm also adding some Black Olives, sliced mushrooms and some Crab Legs on the side. This goes great with the Red French Dressing and it is so easy to make. Once you have it you will want it all the time. 

It's a little naughty in the sugar department, but you can substitute the sugar for some raw honey or organic raw sugar. I just have a tiny bit with my salad so I can enjoy the wonderful flavors of the south. 

Add a loaf of some fresh homemade Honey Wheat Bran Bread with your fall salad.

Herbs of the Day
Lemon Grass, Pineapple Mint, Loveage, Oregano, Pineapple Sage, Rosemary, Bee Balm, Lemon Thyme, Dill and minced onion and garlic.

Herb Infused French Wine Dressing 
(makes 1 Quart)


1 cup ketchup
1 cup raw honey or sugar
3/4 cup olive oil
3/4 cup organic sunflower or safflower oil
1 cup very good quality red wine or white wine vinegar 
I've been know to half the vinegar with some red wine
1 tsp sea salt
1/3 cup minced or grated onion
1 tsp. garlic powder or 2 or 3 minced garlic cloves
Herbs of choice, minced or finely chopped


Put everything in the blender and mix until it's thick. It lasts in my refrigerator for about 3 weeks before my family of 4 adults eat it all.

Photo of Hopi Red Dye Amaranth in my fall garden

Have some fun with your garden!!


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