Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday 2

Wildlife Wednesday is a day to Shout Out!! Share with others how spectacular your garden is because you do not use pesticides. It is an opportunity to be a voice and encouragement for growing organic and diverse. Just post a picture on our Facebook page here
Or post your link to your blog in the comments and share Wildlife Wednesday with us. Let's tell the world No More Pesticides Please!! 
A Pipevine Swallowtail, Pictured above,  just made my morning as it fluttered throughout the garden. I followed it all over until I captured it in a photo pleasantly perched upon the Bee Balm. It also enjoyed what was left of a few Larkspur blooms at the back of the garden. What a beauty she was. I love how her black velvet body is freckled with dainty white polka dots.

 I just love the little Hairstreak Butterflies. This little gray one almost looked crystal clear with the sunset shining through it. When I have trouble spotting a pollinator, I can always find at least one on the Echinacea. It is really a must have herb in the garden. It's drought tolerant as well as native. Did you know that native plants provide so much more beneficial food for pollinators than the fancy hybrids?

This Giant Swallowtail, which actually I think could be a male Tiger Butterfly was quite the poser this morning. He was enjoying a whole host of flowers in the garden. He bounced from the Bee Balm, to the Zinnias, to even the little flowering weeds that I let grow here and there. he was hungry and happy. Indeed, so was I.

From what I understand, the female Tiger Swallowtail will display a beautiful blue in her lower wings and tails. This guy only showed the blue color on the inside of his wings as in the previous picture. Either way he was huge and gorgeous.

This year I started over completely with my Zinnas to grow heirlooms. I love saving the prettiest flowers when they tire and save the seeds. The hybrid Zinnas I had been growing were not reliable with their seeds when I replanted them. So I chose the Cherry first, because I didn't have that color before. That way I could pull any rouges out that might decide to show themselves. Next spring I'll buy even more heirloom colors feeling assured that the hybrids are all gone. Zinnias will attract a whole host of beneficial insects to your garden. From Ladybugs to Butterflies, there will be much to enjoy.
We invite you to share in Wildlife Wednesday on our Facebook Page. It is our way to share hope and encouragement for future generations. Gardens that are organic and diverse will attract all kinds of wonderful creatures that in turn will benefit your family as well as create a healthy garden and environment. Just post us a picture of your current wildlife. Insects, birds, mammals and reptiles are all needed for biodiversity. Water features, Wildflowers, Herbs, Vegetable, Fruit, Trees, Grasses and yes, even a few selective weeds will all make a natural environment for Wildlife. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort and care, especially for the new gardener before nature comes into balance. But be rest assured that when it does nature will be your greatest assistant in tending to your gardens needs. So spread the word to your neighbors and friends to please do not use pesticides. We look forward to seeing you on Wildlife Wednesday. at Thyme Square Gardens. Just click the link below or post your link in the comments section of the blog. It's time to SHOUT OUT for future generations!
 Happy Gardening!!

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