Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday 3

Please join us for another successful Wildlife Wednesday. We are taking one day a week to join together for a Shout Out around the world where we can say No to Pesticides. Share with other gardeners the success of  your organic gardens. Many farmers and gardeners are giving us hope for future generations by growing for wildlife. It takes a healthy earth rich in diversity to provide food for the world. A healthy planet makes healthy people as well as for the wildlife that is needed to assist us in bringing balance to nature. 
Last week we joined together with folks from all over America as well as farmers and gardeners from France and Germany. It is a breath taking experience that brings such hope and encouragement. In a world quickly loosing its biodiverstiy and with many species becoming extinct, both plants and wildlife. We need each other to share the message that Chemicals and Pesticides are not needed to grow a even more successful garden than the methods being vastly used today. 
Share your picture this Wednesday on our Facebook Page and join in the Shout No More Pesticides Please!! Just simply click on our Thyme Square Gardens link below.
 If you don't use Facebook than please post your link in our comments section and we will be sure to share it with all of our readers.
In the spring our Texas garden is filled with natives and wildflowers that bring so many of our beneficial friends to the garden. Now that summer is here it is the sunflowers and zinnias. We would love to hear and see what you are growing to bring these much needed pollinators to your garden.

As most of us all over the world struggle with historic droughts and flooding, we must work that much harder to preserve our natural habitats and help create new ones. We plant plenty of natives and heirlooms all over the garden to assure our pollinating friends will be well nourished and in turn flourish to our neighbors fields as well. In turn may all have an abundant harvest for all to share. Join us every Wednesday at
 And May We Bring Hope For Future Generations!
Happy Gardening!!


  1. Thanks for all you do to get the word out. Let's leave our kids a healthy planet not a mess for them to clean up.

    Love your heart Pammy,


  2. Thank You Karen, and I agree!! xxooxx

  3. Your butterfly photos are beautiful! We've not had too many yet (late blooming flower favorites) but the bees are sure all over the place!

  4. Your blog is Bee-utiful Pam! And always so full of great information. You are a powerhouse of news, helpful info and great resources! Keep it up, girlfriend! xox

  5. Oh thank you Rhonda. surely this weather pattern will turn round. I can't wait to see your lovely butterflies and blessed be the bees! ;)

  6. Thank You Laura..you are making me blush hahaha!! We are gonna go round and round cause your the one to talk with your awesome blog!! xxooxx

  7. Hey, Pammy, thanks for visiting my corner of Katy! It sounds like our gardens have much in common. Let's hear it for biodiversity!

  8. Hi Cindy, so glad you came by for a visit. Yep!! Whoot Whoot for biodiversity =D