Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday

Native Wildflower "Trumpet Vine"
I thought it was about time that Thyme Square Gardens had a Wildlife Day. Why not Wednesdays. There is nothing more spectacular than visiting with fellow gardening friends from all over the world and sharing what wildlife is busting out in your garden. Hop on over to Thyme Square Gardens Facebook Page and share a photo. I think it helps keep us all focused on hope for future generations by seeing the diversity from all around us. I don't know what happened this year having the conditions be so severe with drought and early triple digit temperatures here in Southeast Texas, but the beautiful Trumpet Vine is busting out bigger than I've ever seen it before. Super great plant for feeding those hummingbirds and bees. Below is the link for getting to our facebook page. Please come on by and share your Wildlife.

 I'm finally getting some Zinnia Blooms. I didn't think I would get any this year. I had such a hard time getting a lot of stuff to germinate with no rain. I happened to capture a pretty Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on it this morning.

 Low and behold as I took one last glance over at the ever so faithful Echinacea for any action I found a pretty little Southern Dogface Butterfly just unfolding its wings. They are so dainty looking and undeserving of being called a Dogface in my opinion.

Drop on by and share your Wildlife Wednesday!!
 Happy Gardening!


  1. Love those trumpet vines - and so do the hummers. And just to prove that great minds think alike, I had posted butterfly pictures for my Wordless Wednesday today! I envy you your Gulf Fritillary. I hardly ever see one in my yard these days.

  2. Hi Dorothy... I see your on blog cation hehehe...well deserved I'm sure ;) I got to enjoy your butterfly as well. I'll send you a Gulf Fritillary to enjoy ;) Lets keep up with the rain dancing as well... ~ Pammy