Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open The Garden Gate To Organic Living

Diversity is the key that unlocks the gate to a healthy organic garden and landscape.  But it all begins with that in which your feet stand on and even the foundation in which your house was built on. Most of the homes in Houston were built by developers who used bulldozers to mound up piles of hard clay and materials before the construction of your house began. Then the lawn goes in with sod layed on a very thin layer of topsoil. This is your soil with no organic matter and no rich compost. Your plants and grass cannot support themselves without artificial means, like chemical fertilizers and herbicides. It cost you a whole lot of money to keep it watered because there is not any organic matter to hold moisture in the ground. Hundreds of gallons of precious water resources are being waisted while our cities water tables are at an all time low. The chemicals pose great health risks to children and wildlife.

To hold the key and unlock the gate is only a few steps away. Changing the endless ritual and expense of endless chemical use is only a matter of organic matter. Instead of soaking your lawn with unnatural fertilizers try adding a thin layer of organic rich compost and mulch. You only need a thin layer of perhaps a quarter of an inch to spread out on your lawn. There are also a vast assortment of organic amendments to kick it off to a great start. Each time you add organic matter back into your lawn and landscape the more life your growing back into the soil. All the beneficial organisms and bacteria and natural fertilizers begin to take root and give your lawn and plants the nourishment it requires to become sustainable on its own. The next time your leaves are raked and your beds cleaned out, instead of having them bagged up and hauled off consider them a gold mine of rich organic compost. All that is needed is to mow over them to shred them. It is the perfect and natural organic matter to add back into your landscape. If we all work together to become green we will in turn create diversity throughout our city. A city where our children can grow and be healthy. They shall observe the wildlife to learn and share. It is for the hope of our future generations that we open the gate to an organic garden.
 Happy Gardening!

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