Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From The Mist Of My Garden "Wildfires"

As my thoughts had been concentrating on recovery plans for the garden from his horrific drought, they were soon consumed with protecting my heirloom seeds. I took this picture from our driveway as the Waller County Wildfires burned just over our treetops. For 5 days we hung on the edge of the evacuation areas, wondering if we would be next to have to leave. It's crazy all the things that go through your mind in such a situation. Watching the news as many folks had to rush to evacuate and were given less that 10 minutes to go was evidence enough that we needed to get prepared and quickly. 

The hardest part of this whole ordeal was scrambling to find information. The local news stations were no help at all. They couldn't even report the name of our County properly. On several occasions they called us Walker County. And where the fires were burning in Waller County was actually a large community called Field Store. The news reported it as Field Stone on occasion. It made one a bit apprehensive about getting accurate information. Since this was a Tri-County fire, it included 3 counties. Montgomery, Grimes and Waller. From the looks of things the fires originated in Montgomery County, which is to the East of our home. The fires had then spread into the other 2 counties. While Montgomery and Grimes Counties were quite efficient through their Sheriff's offices using social medias to keep us posted with updates and press releases, we were greatly lacking information for Waller County. It wasn't until a couple of local residents formed a FB page called Waller County Wildfire Info. They were life savers to most of our community in trying their best to keep us posted on where the fires were and evacuation areas. They kept up with reports from our county officials to report back to the citizens of our community. I really need to reevaluate our public officials in Waller  County and whether we need to be looking for folks that can command in the 21st century with social media. 

Here is one of the many road blocks in Waller County at the intersections of 1488 and Field Store Road. There were several news crews at this intersection as well. But yet when the evening news came on there was still not any specific information on the fires burning in our area. Another very concerning thing was when you left your home through one of the road blocks, you were not allowed to return. That was a bit disturbing since our home was not in the evacuation zone. Surely we could have shown I.D. to return, but that didn't happen, so we found our way around the back roads to get back. 

Praise be to our Father who protected us during this time. I do give praise to the many hard working firefighters who devoted endless hours in fighting this fire. They are truly remarkable. I also give tremendous praise to all the local citizens who band together to help the many families and their livestock during the evacuations. All in all we have much to be thankful for. Field Store and Waller County people may not be recognized by the news media, but they all shall be recognized in the hearts and minds of all its citizens who lived through and together in this horrific disaster.I am so blessed as well by all the friends and families who prayed during this time. Thank You So Much!!

May We All Find Peace Within Our Garden As We Continue To Have Hope For Our Future Generations!!



  1. Scary times. Thank goodness you, your family and your garden were not more seriously affected by the wildfires. A close call, indeed.

  2. Thankfully you were spared the trauma of evacuating, Pammy. My heart goes out to the families who lost their homes.

  3. Today after church, we went to Tomball. Coming home we drove around to see some of the burnt area's. It broke my heart to see it and the homes that didn't make it. One home we passed the owners were sitting outside on lawn chairs...do sad. And I was amazed to see how the fire had burnt right up to and around some of the homes and the home looked untouched. The smell burned my throat and there wasn't even any smoke now, can you image what the smoke did to those who were right in it!!!!Of course you can!!!! You were there!!! I'm so thankful my friends didn't lose their homes!!! I'm thankful you and your family are safe too!!!

  4. We were very blessed not to have to evacuate. It is a strange thing to go through and seems to take a bit to get your head back on straight from the whole mess. Thank God for the few rain showers we've finally been getting. Now we may resume in the garden =D