Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 101 "The Calendar Garden"

You have no idea how anxious I've been to get my hands on one of these beautiful white pumpkins. Although I should have asked the very lovely Tiffany Breed, the owner and our instructor at The Calendar Gardens what variety this white beauty was, I've found several types available from Baby Boo, Casper and Cotton Candies. Some are heirlooms, many are hybrids, but none that I've found are particularly good for eating. I could tell as I took in the scent of this pumpkin as I cut the top for my lid that you would not want to make pie with it. However, it did have enormous seeds that would make great for roasting and it had the most wonderful scent of cucumber that was quite enjoyable to take in as one sits to carve their pumpkin. .
My love and admiration for pumpkins has stepped up to a whole new level. Who would have known the endless possibilities for decorating that the white pumpkins offer. They could extend throughout the entire fall season depending on your choice of pattern. I always look so forward to decorating the Thanksgiving Table and have a few ideas for a pattern to fit the theme.
I also discovered that it will take a whole lot more practice on my behalf before I attempt something more difficult like some of the lovely flower patterns with a lot of detailing. I didn't get my pumpkin finished in class and brought it home for homework. I broke my detailing carving tool and if truth be known, Mr. Garden had to step in and help me finish my project. He has certainly been my hero on more than one occasion.

It was as always a blast spending thyme with my dearest garden friend Donna from Morning Glory Craft Cottage. It was a beautiful chilly morning and frisky and frolic would be a good description of yet another one of our fabulous adventures together. 

After class was over it was time to shop!!Lucky for us The Calendar Gardens had directions. Let's see, there is the West Texas Garden, the East Texas...Central....oh how fun and so many Natives and Antique Roses too!! I was certain there would be something that I really needed at Thyme Square Gardens!!

It is so much better shopping locally rather than a big box store. The prices are better and you get such personal service, as well as the security of knowing your plants are well suited just for your garden zone. Donna found a pretty little mum and well, I finally found that Native Mexican Bush Sage I'd been wanting and a new one that I hadn't heard of called Little Volcano "Lespedeza" and Tiffany was more than happy to give me all the information I needed to grow it successfully. 

I'll be heading back for some more pumpkins. Lot's of baking to do for the holidays around here.I can't wait to see what else The Calendar Gardens has planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For now I have to get those new plants in the ground and finish weeding out some other beds for more plants to go in. 

Happy Gardening!!

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