Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Three S's For Gardening By Nature

The New Year is always a time for reflection. As I ponder upon my winter garden, I think about all it has endured over the past. And yet it has still produced the most luscious vegetables. As I look out at our crops that include three varieties of gorgeous lettuce, carrots, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbages, turnips and mustard's and daikons I am amazed how gracious God has been.
Surviving this terrible drought in Texas has been a grave concern and has led to many questions about different methods for growing healthy food as well as a healthy environment for a complete cycle for gardening by nature. Will everything still be in place? Are the earth worms and micro organisms still alive? Will the ladybugs come back in the spring? Will there still be pollinators and lizards left to do their job? 
So as my thoughts have gone through their process, it came to me the three simple S's for success.

Simplicity, Spiritual and Slow

Simplicity ~ Simple reusable and natural. A garden doesn't have to be expensive. Finding new uses for ordinary objects. There is nothing fancy in my garden, other than my own creativity and what nature has created. No fancy hybrids, just simple natives. I find more birds, butterflies and bees in my garden because of simplicity. Nature restored and balance brought forth. No fancy fertilizers, no fancy remedies for this problem or that. Simply let the earth heal by giving back to it. Most of the time it is better to do nothing and let nature do it for you. 

Spiritual ~ This one came easy for me, only because of a personal relationship with God. To have a personal relationship with your garden is much the same thing. Getting to know your soil and what it requires. Looking at a plant and understanding its needs. Recently inspired by the origin of Bio dynamics where one studies the wholeness of how all things are connected in nature and when one element is missing it disrupts the entire process and must be mended. Reminiscent of my walk with God as where when one thing is not in place it throws me into a tail spin in other areas of my life. You simply can't take a part out of a perfect plan.

Slow ~ Patience really is the best virtue. Not to be in a hurry for instant results. What happens by letting nature come into balance becomes a solid and dependable outcome that will endure all the elements that may come against it. If your new to gardening by nature your property will require time to recover. I think there is almost a 5 year span of time before you really notice a change and the change is remarkable. 

Happy Gardening and Happy New Year!!


  1. Excellent points. And a happy New Year to you and your garden.

  2. Beautifully wriiten post, Pammy, and very true words! A blessed New Year to you and yours! xox

  3. Beautiful message and beautiful pictures!!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my page!! It means the world to me!! Happy New Year to ya'll as well!!! ;) ~ Pammy