Friday, February 3, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am so very honored to accept my very first Blogger Award from The Root Cellar's Garden. To Win The Versatile Blogger Award means that one must be capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer according to definition. 

To me being versatile is virtually the essence of every woman, wife, mom and grandmother out there multi-tasking in everyday life. Many of whom I've had the pleasure of reading through their own blogs.

Even though much has changed for today's modern women, I find so many that still hold fast and dream of yesteryear. Women who still find it a blessing to complete their spouses, raise their own children and want to pass down precious memories to their grandchildren with the hope and promises of a beautiful future.

Many of whom have sacrificed much in their own lives to go the extra mile for things like homeschooling their own children. 

I see women who still find the importance of the family unit in itself to still come together for a blessed family dinner at the same table. 

I see women who still know how to cook with real food, not processed. 

There are women who still know how to use a sewing machine and put them to good use. 

Women who farm and garden and raise their own livestock. 

Women who love God and His creations that will go the extra mile to leave the earth in a better place. 

Yes, there are still women like this!! The women of yesteryear that are working hard to preserve the fine art of womanhood. The essence of a woman that have stood the test of time so that it can be past on and not lost forever. The very versatile women with their grandest blessing of all, simply put...their loved ones. .

So with accepting this award comes the duty of passing it on to five other honorable and versatile bloggers who in return must pass it on to five other deserving writers. So with much thought I pass this award on to the very best versatile bloggers I know.

1. Morning Glory Craft Cottage. A retired homeschool mom of 3 boys who still loves to teach art to young homeschoolers, a wife, artist, entrepreneur, sewer, cook and gardener. A beautiful heart filled with love for the Lord. A very versatile friend and writer who inspires me everyday.

2. Wildenblue Farms. A homeschooler, a grandmother, a simply beautiful woman who is so very artistic as well as farms and gardens, raising livestock, has the most splendid recipes. She not only cooks, but cans and preserves. Her writings take you into her world of beauty and brings inspiration a new meaning well deserving this award. A very lovely Christian woman you must visit.

3. The Essential Beachcomber. This very special versatile blogger goes back to my school days. She was lovely then and even more so now. Her writing and photography warms my heart and takes me to the amazing days of youth when walking in the white sand of a Florida beach. She is creative, artistic and knows how to be frugal. She teaches us about sea life and shells and the history of the state. She is an amazing Christian woman that I adore!

4. Red, White and Grew.  Another homeschooler, wife and caregiver. I'm always impressed as well as enchanted by her love for Victory Gardens. She is a prime example of passing down the rich cultures of yesteryear to future generations. She cooks, sews and gardens. She is a wealth of information and a beautiful writer. 

5. Herbs In The Garden.  A wife, a mom, and teacher of all things herbal. I love this blog with its never ending humor on life. She farms and gardens, she cooks and crafts and all the while keeping you enthralled with her families adventures and her lovely goats and chickens and ponies and I don't know what all is going on over there. I'm constantly reading and trying to catch up. She is a beautiful blogger and so very versatile.

Happy Blogging and Happy Gardening!


  1. Congratulations on your award. Very well deserved. I look forward to reading the bloggers you have passed it on to.

  2. Thank You So Much Tracey! I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I do! ~ Pammy

  3. As someone who has followed your blog since almost the beginning, I have loved watching your love for all things green & growing unfold. You live life from a heart of love & open hands to your family, friends, & God's creations. Thanks for the kind words - right back at you. xo