Sunday, November 29, 2015

Prepare The Medicine Chest With Homemade Tinctures

The garden is a miraculous place for health and well being. It provides all of the nutritional needs that can be tailored to fit ones personal needs when well thought out. 
In other words, we should grow what our bodies require for optimal health.
Aside from canning and freezing fruits and vegetables, we sometimes miss out on preserving herbs and berries. Not just for culinary purposes, but for the medicine chest. 
The medicine chest should include preventative and immune building supplies as well as sure cure remedies when injury or illness strikes.
Instead of seeking natural remedies, many of us run to the doctors office every time we have the slightest little sniffle and headache or cut and bruise. 
I think it has become a habit to reach for those antibiotics as well as synthetic medications that more times than not have dangerous side effects.
Tinctures are another very easy way of preserving things for the medicine chest. You can use dried or fresh herb leaves or roots from certain beneficial plants and berries as well.
Simply place your herb in a glass container or small jar and fill it with pure grain alcohol that is at least 80% Proof, like Everclear or Vodka. Cork it off or seal it tightly and keep it in a cool dark place. It must cure for at least 6 weeks to achieve a highly potent quality.
The wonderful thing about tinctures are that they are so versatile for so many different uses. Take the herbs Lavender or Echinacea for example. Both herbs have high qualities internally as well as externally. Internally they aid in helping with colds and flu’s as well as other things.
A couple of drops of the tincture into a cup of tea, juice or even plain water works well. 
By adding a few drops of the tincture to a tablespoon of a natural oil carrier, such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or even sunflower and rubbed into the skin can be a solution to a whole host of skin problems, from acne, eczema or for healing a simple cut.
It is time well spent learning to grow and preserve a few simple things to save for your medicine chest. It will save you hundreds of dollars and visits to the doctors office and local pharmacy. By learning the needs of your own body and becoming sensitive to oncoming symptoms, you will be able to simply step into your own garden and gather the cure the natural way.
Happy Gardening!

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