Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Pasta

Pumpkin Pasta Hanging To Dry

I've been itching for my little Heirloom New England Pumpkins to cure. Now as they are ready I couldn't wait to put up some Pumpkin Pasta. 

I try to pick a quiet day just for making pasta. While it does take a few hours to finish up a batch, it is so rewarding to put it up in the pantry!

This is a great way to use some of those garden goodies. It's also a great way to kick in the Fall Season as well! 

Let me tell you, I am so in love with these little New England Pie Pumpkins! They really are all everyone says about them. No strings inside!!! Beautiful plump seeds!! Sweet Flesh and most of all once cooked there is hardly any of all that extra liquid draining off. 

Next growing season the New England Pies are on big time in the garden! 

Big Fat Pumpkin Dough Ball

The night before I made my pumpkin puree. Instead of roasting the little New England Pie, I simply cut it in wedges and peeled the skin off. I then placed them in a pot and steamed them. It was quick, fast and easy. Possibly even healthier because steaming doesn't cook all the nutrients out like roasting or boiling does.

So the first thing you do the next day is make your pumpkin dough for the pasta. It's really easy! I have a basic recipe I go by that uses 3 1/3 cup Organic Unbleached Flour, a good pinch of kosher or sea salt, 4 large eggs, a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Then add 1 cup of pureed pumpkin or your favorite winter squash..

Now the flour can be adjusted. I love to mill my own using things from the garden like my Hopi Red Amaranth. Other grains can be used as well to help cut down on the gluten as well as getting away from that Hybrid Wheat that most wheat and white flour is made from.

For a step by step tutorial visit my post where I made pasta from spinach and amaranth from the garden. You will find some pretty good photos to go with it.  

As all those pretty pumpkins come out this season, remember they're not just good for decorations. Stock up and put some up in the freezer for cooking and baking this year. Check out my post on how to roast and puree pumpkins for the freezer. I think you will find them much more flavorful and healthier than the canned pumpkin you find at the supermarket. 

Happy Fall and Happy Gardening!


  1. Seriously? I love pumpkin and I had not ever heard of pumpkin pasta...but oh thanks to you will enjoy life even more!!!!

    I cannot wait to make the pasta. Thank you thank you thank you, from a pumpkin nut!


  2. Hi Jennifer!! I'm thrilled!! Let me know how you do!! Got me excited now!! xo