Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baseball Season at the Gardens

Hans takes the ball first!

We have two mighty good teams here at Thyme Square. Will they both be up for the challenge? I think so!!

Mathew quickly takes the ball back for the other side!

Wait! Is that ear pulling going on?

I think the ref may count that as a fowl play. Non the less I think Hans will hold fast to the ball!

Could this be our champion laying exhausted in the grass?

I strongly suspect that there was another fowl play. Someone is looking a might smug eating his peanuts and holding the ball.......with a fireman's ax? Where is the other team?

Happy Baseball Season From Thyme Square Gardens!!



  1. Is the hatchet on the table for the peanuts? :D

    Take good care,


  2. It must have been for the peanuts, I found the other team safe and sound LOL Thanks Karen <3