Sunday, May 8, 2011

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

I've so enjoyed Mothers Day and yes it was also my Granddaughters First Birthday. Elizabeth has officially had her first Garden Party as well. It was a delightful weekend filled with lots of Giggles, Butterflies and Ladybugs.

A whole lot of first's happened this weekend. Swimming was another for Elizabeth. In our plight against plastic, Papa came home with a great big Texas style livestock water tough. Perfect!!!And a ladybug has already found its way to the cool water. It looks like I have something new to landscape now. Lots of pretty flowers for the butterflies belong here for a child's garden I think. I can picture them fluttering all around the pool and landing on the kids..

Her mommy made her a pretty little butterfly cake. It was so yummy and made with apples and spice and all things nice. Last time I peeked, there was only one wing left.

Saying bye bye to our party guests. One very pretty butterfly cousin, Jasmine. 

Time for nappie little Butterfly. Happy First Birthday Elizabeth!!

And Happy Gardening!!



  1. What fun! A happy birthday to baby Elizabeth, the little cutie!

  2. Happy birthday precious!!!!
    Next garden party I'll bring my swim suit, now just couldn't you see us three ladies in the pool with our feet propped up on the edge of the pool with our hats on and drinks in hand. Maybe not because one of us would make a joke and somebody might pee in the pool from laughing so hard!!!

  3. Oh Pammy, this looks like such fun! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. The garden party theme is wonderful-what a good idea for a little girl. And just so you know, I'm completely in love with the ladybug pool floatie :)

  4. Thank You so much it when you stop by ;)

    LOL Donna!!! This is very very true, but maybe well worth the chance hehehe

    We had a blast Rhonda!! I know that floatie is so cool with the big eyeballs LOL

  5. Totally adorable and such happy memories to hang on to.

    Love Donna's comment above - made me laugh!