Monday, November 4, 2013

Plant A Healthy Ecosystem In Texas

We have a short time left to get our seeds for sowing many herbs and native wildflowers in Texas.

In the southern regions we sow nearly all natives and wildflowers in the month of November. This is our last chance to prepare for spring.

By incorporating wildflowers and herbs in and around your garden you will assure the vast attraction to numerous pollinators and beneficial insects.

Native Wildflowers and Herbs also provide the most food for wildlife.

You will surly want to have an immense population of bees and butterflies to help pollinate your lovely vegetable crops. This will guarantee a most bountiful harvest.

You will need to lure in the beneficial insects that are mandatory in a healthy organic ecosystem.

Wildflowers and Natives will call to the Damsels and Dragonflies, the Ladybug and the Praying Mantis, the Monarchs and the Swallowtails, the Lacewings and Minute Pirates, the Bumblebees and the Honeybees as well as many more.

Some of my favorite Herbs for Texas that can be sown from seed are Chamomile, Celeric, Cilantro, Chervil, Caraway, Dill, Fennel and Parsley.

Many Perennial herbs will root quickly from cuttings and dividing by root in November. Some will start quite well from seed too.

I have many favorites, such as Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Texas Tarragon, Echinacea, Mints and Chives.

Beneficial Insects
These are your soldiers in biological warfare against the enemies that seek to destroy your garden.Visit Garden Insects to learn more about beneficial insects and how they help.

Complete List Of Wildflowers
For a complete listing of Wildflowers and Natives for Texas visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Happy Gardening!!

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  1. I'm so planting wildflowers this year and it's all your fault! Great article! You're teaching me so much!

    1. Awww LOL I can't wait to see your wildflowers and all the lovely pollinators xxoo