Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TSG Heirloom Tomato Plants Ready For Sale


This is our first year with the little greenhouse and I was able to do up enough extra Heirlooms to sell this season. Last year I had so many requests for them, so I was aiming to please this thyme. 

Although we have experimented with many different varieties over the years, we've managed to narrow it down to the best of the best for our area. All of our heirlooms are from seed saved from the healthiest plants and best tomatoes. The great thing about getting your heirloom plants locally is that the seed is which they have been grown has already been acclimated to your area, climate and soil.

Roman Stripe Sausage Tomato

Several of the tomatoes that we grow are chosen by qualities geared towards cooking. The Roman Stripe is a sausage type of paste tomato that fills the sauce pot quickly because of the meaty flesh. They are full of rich and delicious flavor.that make them great for salsa as well. 

Gilbertie Paste Heirloom Tomato

One of the things that we do is to make sure the seed saved is from the largest fruit. The Gilbertie Paste gave me a little trouble at first because of the inconsistency in fruits size on some of the plants. Some of the plants were packed full more of a roma type, smaller size, while a few others demonstrated long sausage type traits that we were looking for in a paste tomatoes. That is the seed saved from these!! This is a very sweet tasting paste tomato for putting by. Just look how pretty!

Purple Calabash Heirloom

We will never quit growing the Purple Calabash! This is a Southern Tomato!!It holds up to the heat and the drought better than any tomato available. It is not a paste, but the sweetest and juiciest heirloom we grow. It will still continue making tomatoes for you well after all the others are finished. It is a deep purple fleshed heirloom that was brought to the southern plantations by the slaves carried into our regions on huge ships.

The other three varieties that were chosen to grow in our gardens as heavy producers this spring are the German Lunchbox, which is a small juicy tomato that is very hardy. Also for a cherry tomato we have chosen the Riesentraube, and the Homestead as a our great slicer. Of course all of our garden is chemical free and no gmo!

Contact me at the following email if you wish to get your heirloom plants and for more details  on pricing. This is for local residents only and available for only as long as they last.

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Happy Gardening!


  1. What a gorgeous bunch of tomatoes! Had I not already planted mine, I might be contacting you for some of those plants!

    1. Thanks Dorothy!! We are so ready to bring on the tomatoes!! What kind did you plant this year? I love them all! xox

  2. Cannot come today after all. Plan to be there Wednesday. Will contact you b4 I come to make sure u r there!!

    1. See you Wednesday! Will be here all day xox