Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Growing Organic Potatoes Made Easy

Red LaSoda Seed Potatoes

Valentines Day means more than just Cupids here in the garden. It really means Potato Planting Thyme in Texas!

Mr. Garden, also known as El Spud by some has the easiest system for growing clean and easy potatoes in raised beds.

This year it seems one of the several compost piles had lots of extra oak tree leaves. We always use what we seem to have the most in as far as organic material goes. Last year it seems it was pine straw that was used. 

Part of the raised beds get filled with leaves. Then as you can see, Mr. Garden tosses in some seed potatoes.

Then we get in there and space them in nice straight rows about a foot to 18" apart. Pretty easy so far!

Next he simply covers the potatoes with more leaves. 

Our four raised beds take about 6 lbs. of seed potato. Mr. Garden likes to buy them just the right size (smallish) so we have no need to cut them like you would for the really big seed potatoes.

All that will be left to do is to water them in and wait for them to grow. As they grow you will just simply add a bit more leaves on the top. 

Be sure to check out my potato harvest article from last year.Storing and freezing harvested potatoes.

Here's to a Fresh New Year and Bountiful Harvesting!

Happy Gardening!



  1. What a wonderful Valentines Day gift from your sweetie!! I'm about a week away from harvesting my potatoes - they're so easy and fun to grow.

  2. So much earlier in Hawaii Jane!! Can't wait for those crispy fresh spuds!! Happy Valentines Day to you!! ;)

  3. This is one thing I'm going to try, I have so many leaves and 8 raised beds so I'm going to try it in one of the raised beds. My raised beds are already full of leaves that have been collected, along with chicken pooh. Ellen from Georgia

    1. Sounds like a great plan Ellen! Keep us posted and hope you will share some photos with us ;)

  4. I done this with straw but with the price of straw around here these days I think I'll try the leaves. We do have those in abundance ♥