Friday, January 26, 2018

Chemical Free Gardening

Take The 3 Step Challenge To Chemical Free Gardening
The Monarch Caterpillar
“The 3 Step Challenge is designed to get you well on your way to a chemical free Garden.  Chemical free gardening is all about nature. The goal for every natural gardener is to bring nature back into balance. As this happens harmony will begin to replace the chemicals.” ~ Pamela Kimsey
How we approach natural gardening can be our greatest challenge. No one wants bugs to devour their vegetables. Nor do we want wild animals destroying all of our hard work.
The trick to changing our chemical dependency is in developing a new way of thinking. Instead of working against nature we begin working right along with it.
It is hard for first time gardeners and even old time gardeners who have always depended on the use of chemicals. Many changes will be taking place within the whole ecosystem of the garden. It takes time to overcome some of the challenges you will most likely be faced with.
We can prolong the actual progress of the balanced natural garden each time we use a chemical. This includes many organic chemicals and some of the homemade solutions, especially when used improperly.

First Challenge: Breaking the Habit

It is our nature to want instant results. When insects invade our garden our first instinct is finding the quickest way to get rid of them. With chemicals so easily available we usually grab one without thinking. There most likely was a natural solution.
Challenge: Patience! There are many factors to first consider. Research the problem and talk with experienced and successful natural gardeners. They love sharing tips and tricks.

Second Challenge: Get Familiar with Nature

This means to learn about things in nature. Get to know the bugs and the weeds common to your area. Some bugs are pests while others are helpful. Some weeds can be obnoxious while others benefit natural pollinators and wildlife in general. Get to know the things you cannot 'see that live in your soil. You will find harmful ones that live there as well as the ones you must have for healthy soil and plants.
Challenge: Wisdom! You're never to old to learn new things. Wisdom usually comes with practice. Find books on the subject and websites. Begin to notice the small things that are happening in your garden. The relationships between plants, the birds, the bees and the butterflies, the life cycles of insects and their natural predators. It’s all a lifetime of learning.

 Third Challenge: Trust Nature

Coming to realize that nature has always done perfectly fine all on its own before mans intervention is a great place to begin. Think of the natural forest and all that is within it and how it all works together from the tips of the tallest trees to the very ground beneath them. You can create the same perfect balance in your garden.
Challenge: Faith! The more you begin to take notice in even the smallest of things the larger your faith will grow. Once you’ve noticed a simple ladybug devour clusters of aphids on an infested plant and you didn’t need to do a thing to control the aphids you will be well on your way to balance and harmony in your chemical free garden. Nature truly is a beautiful creation handed to us to tend and care for in the most natural way.

Happy Gardening!


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