Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wild Gardening That Get's Kids Exploring

The place for fanciful dreams and imaginations are set free in the garden for you and me. 
To recall how a child learns is to take notice of all their little senses. 
They pick up every sound as though it tickles their ears. 
They touch and smell and pick apart flowers. 
The yearning to catch a butterfly simply seems irresistible as it flutters by. 
There is not a more natural place for a child to be than in the midst of a healthy and diverse garden. ~Pammy
We can create our very own discovery channel in the mist of our own backyard and for a whole lot less money too.  Exploration has always proven to be the best tool for learning for all of mankind. 
For our children’s sake, we can simply not afford to run from nature anymore, but instead embrace every ounce of it. Who would be the first to stand up and say a perfectly manicured lawn and garden could possibly compare to what wondrous adventures and beauty await in a wildlife garden?
As parents, we can discover the savings involved in creating a wild garden as well. By utilizing native plants and trees throughout the landscape we have cut down the water bill by more than half.
Native varieties will also naturalize throughout the garden and thrive without the need of purchasing garden supplies such as fertilizers. Of course you really would not want to be using any sort of insecticides or pesticides. That would make it both dangerous to your child as well as to the wildlife within.

By allowing  children to pick and pull and dream in the garden, we discover hope for a healthier tomorrow. 
 Be sure to include a lot of different colors and textures to create more interest for both child and wildlife. Including plants like herbs will stimulate the senses. 
The scents and flavors of different edibles incorporated into the garden opens the door for enormous learning opportunities.
Creating a wild garden can be done with ease and very cost effective. Maintenance is much less involved. Getting started requires very little equipment or materials. 
Follow my link, An Easy No-Till Pollinator Garden designed to help you and your child take off on your garden journey.
Happy Gardening!


  1. We are probably moving house next year, and I think my list of what I would like for the garden, is longer than the list for the house. Being able to create a wildlife garden is a priority.

    1. Sounds like a very lovely adventure Tracey! I can't wait to see all that you do with your new home! xo