Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stockings Ornaments And Birdhouse Makeovers For Christmas

I so love the vintage and the burlap with all the simplicity of shades of whites and natural colors.

So many things about this color scheme makes me think about why we celebrate Christmas. Born in a manger because there was no room at the Inn. 

I don't know about you, but I have always loved the feeling I have inside the barn. A place filled with hay and feed for the animals. 

It makes you think and smell the burlap. There is something so peaceful about it all. It is natural and surrounded by the closeness of things of the earth. Things that God created!!

I was so the summer Mr. Garden saved me burlap from the trees he had planted. I hung it out on the clothesline for days in the fresh sunshine while making my plans of how to use it. 

This stuff is some real tough burlap. Not at all like the fabric you would buy in the store.

New Christmas stockings for my Grandchildren seemed to be first on the agenda. I used worn white sheets for the linings. 

The buttons were all salvage and saved in my button jar. The jute rope I use to tie my tomatoes in the garden was brought in from the potting shed. 

The fabric flowers were made from a top I wore many moons ago. The distressed jingle bells were cut from a door bell that had seen its better days. I didn't have to buy a thing to make them.

The next project was making some new ornaments. I seen these online for sale and thought I would give them a try. So very easy!!! 

I have a box filled with Styrofoam balls and such for doing wreaths and floral arrangements. I took out a half a dozen balls and simple cut strips of burlap, white silk and more strips from that top and wrapped and glued the strips to the balls.

 I made a simple loop from the twine and stuck it through the fabric and ball with some brass nails I had left over from reupholstering my kitchen chairs. I think they came out cute and again it didn't cost a penny. 

Then it was time to redo the birdhouses. I have been collecting them for many years. I always look for tiny ones for the Christmas Tree. I find them at garage sales and resale shops mostly. I usually pay anywhere from 50 cents to 3 dollars if it is a prize. 

And then there are the large ones as well. Some were gifts from friends who know how much I love them. Rounding them all up this year and dragging out what was left in a can of latex white paint, from who knows what project, got me going on my next phase.

 It was really not like they all didn't need freshened up, so white they all became. Now for some sparkly white birds, some grapevine and out to the garden I go!!

I had Rosemary on my mind!! A sprig here and there does the trick. Rosemary means remembrance of Christ. I love how it smells and looks during Christmas as well as it being a constant reminder of how special Christmas is..

Happy Gardening and Merry Christmas!


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